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The WEFT collection is the result of creative work and a tireless search for new inspirations, trends and styles, culminating in the creation of unique fabrics, or fabrics tailored to customer requirements.

Almost all WEFT fabric collections are characterised by 100% Made in Italy products, an excellent quality which is highly requested and appreciated by customers from all over the world. The company also commercialises imported fabrics, presenting a separate collection to provide a complete service that satisfies all customer requirements.

WEFT presents two collections per year: Spring/ Summer and Autumn/ Winter.

Both feature plain weave fabrics and jacquard fabrics, garment dyed or yarn dyed, stretch or woven.


A collection of classic silk fabrics, yarn or garment dyed, woven or stretch, developed from the know how of the Como district.

Spring/ Summer

This womenswear collection is presented on an annual basis and includes medium to lightweight fabrics in silk, cotton, linen, polyester, polyamide and many other fibres, dyed in special colours that are selected for each presentation, in line with market trends. We use special finishes to produce fabrics with a soft, fresh and light hand, with transparent effects, fil-coupé or devoré which feature alongside classic plain-weave, jacquard and print fabrics.

Autumn/ Winter

This collection is also presented on an annual basis, with dedicated womenswear colours. Natural, artificial and synthetic yarns are used, with particular focus on the use of different superior quality wool yarns and finishes which ennoble fibres, like raising and fulling. In this collection we also present plain weave and jacquard items, printed and with special finishes like shearing, devoré, lamé, imprimé and laser.


In this collection, traditional ceremony fabrics for an elegant and classic look feature alongside more innovative and contemporary fabrics, suitable for wear by men any time of the day. The collection is presented on an annual basis and mainly includes wool blend, viscose, polyester and acetate products.


Like the ceremony collection for men, it is presented on an annual basis, with classic bridal wear colours, yarn and garment dyed. The collection mainly features silk fabrics and silk and polyester blends.

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