WEFT is committed to finding solutions for the production of ecologically sustainable fabrics.

The use of recycled fabrics rather than non renewable raw materials means making an active and effective contribution towards preserving nature.

The fabric industry plays a crucial role in terms of the environment, which is why a new kind of awareness is crucial, on why it is important to choose ecological fabrics and recycled fabrics in order to reduce environmental impact.

The use of organic yarns

Ecosustainable fabrics are all fabrics of natural origin, obtained from organic fibres or of animal origin, such as wool, linen, cotton, silk, etc. What makes these fabrics truly ecosustainable is not just their origin, but also the production process.

Recycled fabrics, like regenerated wool or recycled cotton, are fabrics which can be recycled in a new production cycle, or which are created from scrap material.


This means the development of products made exclusively from organic materials and therefore which are 100% biodegradable.

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