Made in Como, made in Italy, made with love

WEFT is a Como-based industrial highly verticalised company. With its very own complete industrial cycle, it internally manages and controls fabric production and processing phases.

Its skilled and specialised staff professionally manage all customer requests makes WEFT a trusted partner.

The manufacturing centre consists of warping, winding and weaving departments. This latter department is the core of all activities and is equipped with heddle and jacquard looms which process different kinds of yarn.

WEFT also has a CAD department, easily enabling customer involvement in the customisation of collection designs or the creation of new designs. This department also guarantees the absolute exclusivity and confidentiality of designs in collections.

The modern and welcoming office premises are open to customers, indeed WEFT also has dedicated facilities for product development and creation. Customers can even browse the company’s vast archive, built up thanks to its lasting legacy on the market.

All dyeing and finishing phases are carried out internally.

The production department is continuously updated, enabling us to process fabrics of different weights and compositions, stretch and woven, to create and develop the Autumn/ Winter and Spring/ Summer collections.

The company aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction in terms of speed, organisation and product quality.

In order to pursue this objective, the sales network is exclusively managed by the owners, with the support of agents based all over the world.

To date, the sales network covers the most important areas of the world market, including: Italy, France, Germany, England. Belgium, The Netherlands, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

Determined to reinforce its commercial presence on its own markets, WEFT is a youthful and dynamic company which has always participated in the most important national and international trade fair events, including Milano Unica and Première Vison.

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Ivano Riva
Owner & Sales Manager - Italy
Matteo Riva
Sales Manager - USA & Europe

WEFT, Made in Italy

Via Dei Lali 30 – 22070 Bulgarograsso (CO) – Italy
Tel. +39 031 494 248
Fax +39 031 494 249
E-mail: customercare@weft.it

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